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Why COVID Cleaning Services Are Vital for a Healthy Hybrid Workplace

Aug 10, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by The Pegasus Team

If you're a business affected by the pandemic, you're likely planning your return to work after COVID. 

As the number of people visiting and using your workspace increases, it's up to management to keep businesses safe. If you are transitioning to a new model of work, you may need to consider Hybrid Workplace Cleaning. While this includes all pre-2020 measures, like watching for hazards that cause possible injuries, it must also factor in a COVID-19 plan. 

Appropriate cleaning and disinfecting measures can keep employees and customers safe and prevent businesses from going into crisis mode after an outbreak.

In this post, we'll go through COVID cleaning services, what they include, their benefits, the best disinfectants against the virus, and what to do if you do have an outbreak at your place of work.

What does a COVID cleaning service include? 

Businesses are hiring expert services that can tackle any possible vulnerabilities. To get the best possible cleaning and sanitization at your facility, your hygiene professionals should offer the following services: 

Building inspection 

Make sure your professional cleaning services inspect your space for vulnerabilities and specific measures you have to take in the future. After the inspection, you should understand your facility's high-risk areas and how to approach your cleaning holistically.

An implementation plan with custom recommendations

Once your inspection is finalized, you should receive recommendations tailor-made to your goals and workspaces. Inquire about how your in-house cleaning staff can help to maintain. You can also ask for information you can give other employees to keep their minds at ease at work.

Hydrogen peroxide spray fogging for contagion prevention

COVID cleaning services go beyond removing previous mold and grime and take care of preventative decontamination. Your facility will likely need several types of disinfection to remove hazards and maintain safety.

Disinfection services include fogging to eliminate not just bacteria in the environment and on surfaces but also viruses and pathogens in the air. The method is quick, safe, and effective. This office disinfection is especially recommended for workplaces that have been closed throughout the pandemic.

EPA-registered disinfectants for long-term results

Your options for preventative janitorial services should include EPA-registered disinfectants, both safe and approved to eliminate emerging pathogens. Ask your cleaning team to recommend products and a disinfection schedule that works best for your facility.

COVID cleaning services

Benefits of taking a preventative approach

Prevention is always safer and more cost-effective than treatment. This is also the case for COVID-19. With this virus particularly, there are a variety of reasons why prevention is better than reaction.
The virus's nature to incubate without symptoms for days opens vulnerabilities in workplaces. These weaknesses can be minimized by implementing routine disinfection. Here are some of the benefits of preventative janitorial services: 

  • You create an environment of trust among employees.
  • You increase the chances of employee retention by making the workplace a safe place to be.
  • You avoid workplace contagion, lawsuits, and other liabilities.
  • The workplace can remain open for employees.

Best Surface Disinfectants Against COVID-19

Any of the EPA-approved disinfectants will work to kill the coronavirus, many of which are commercially available. You can also use bleach and alcohol of at least 70% concentration. Finally, a hydrogen peroxide solution has been proven to weaken the coronavirus. This is one of the reasons why fogging is so common, not just in workplaces but also in cities.

What to do if you have an outbreak 

If, for any reason, an employee tests positive for COVID-19, the next step is to temporarily close your place of business and follow CDC guidelines. After that, follow these steps:

  • Contact trace the individual within the company to find out where they spent time and who had contact with them. 
  • Immediately disinfect your facilities by hiring a specialized team. This will allow employees who haven't had contact with that individual to return as soon as it's safe.
  • Get an expert-recommended timeline for reopening and stay cautious of new cases that could arise.

Getting back to the workplace prepared

Getting back to the workplace is imminent, and though employers and employees alike are looking forward to many aspects of the office, COVID cleaning services are vital for a healthy workplace. Prioritize welcoming your staff back with improved hygiene and practices, and watch as their trust and comfort levels increase.

Now that you understand COVID cleaning services, their benefits, and what to do if you have an outbreak, you're prepared to return safely to the office. Something you can do today to start the process is to get more familiarized with how to provide a healthy workplace. 

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