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How Businesses Can Help Ensure Customer Safety During COVID-19

Jul 8, 2020 8:54:46 AM / by The Pegasus Team

Even during a pandemic, “the show must go on.” The United States is slowly opening the economy again, but COVID-19 is still a threat. Now it’s up to business owners to keep customers safe. The economy is important for our society, but another wave of the virus would be a significant setback. Here’s a quick look at how businesses can help ensure customer safety during COVID-19.

Which Businesses Are Opening Up?

Each state is handling reopening its own way, but it’s a gradual process across the board. New York, for example, is going through a four-phase plan for reopening. Here are some of the industries that are coming back again across the country:

  • Gyms
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Hair/nail salons
  • Places of worship

Obviously, these are very different types of businesses. That means owners must take different precautions to protect their customers. On the upside, there are a few steps that can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 at any place of work. 


How Can You Protect Your Customers?

Following a strict set of rules is essential when you reopen your business. Customer safety is in your hands, so there’s no room for error. For instance, if two different employees touch the same area within 24 hours, that area should be disinfected immediately. Lead by example by sticking to the rules, and remember to enforce them as you reopen your business.


Protecting your customers starts with protecting your employees. Keep COVID out of the workplace by staggering schedules, avoiding close spaces like elevators, and having smaller meetings. If just one employee has the virus, everyone else will be at risk. Consider letting employees work from home to keep germs out of the building.


Communicating with your employees is also essential. Make sure everyone understands the importance of following the proper procedures. Employees should speak up if they think they may have symptoms, even if they are minor.

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Routine Cleaning and Fogging

Your building will need a deep cleaning before reopening, and regular maintenance helps keep your business COVID-free. Light switches, keypads, and doorknobs are hot spots for germs, and so are bathrooms and kitchens in general. Pegasus’s Back-To-Work Plan uses a tiered approach to disinfection:

  1. Building Inspection & Manual Disinfection
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide Touchpoint Fogging
  3. Manual Disinfection & Hydrogen Peroxide Touchpoint Fogging

Hydrogen peroxide (H202) fogging uses a condensed vapor to disinfect enclosed areas. The procedure removes viruses, bacteria, and fungi, especially in areas you can’t reach by hand. H202 fogging will leave your space almost 100% sterile.


Hydrogen peroxide fogging is also safe to use on most surfaces. It won’t damage electronics like cell phones or computers and won’t ruin your floors.


Safe Dress Code

When reopening your business, it’s your responsibility to promote a healthy and safe dress code. Masks are as crucial as ever, and many businesses require that customers wear them. Depending on the industry, these may be mandatory:

  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Sanitary boots
  • Hand Sanitizer

It’s not just your employees that should follow the dress code. Customers should be required to follow these rules to avoid spreading COVID-19 to each other as well. Sanitary boots and gloves probably aren’t necessary in most cases, but masks should be a no-brainer for employees and customers alike.


Social Distancing

Even people who commit to the proper dress code should still practice social distancing. Staying at least six feet away from other people is one of the main methods of controlling the epidemic and flattening the curve. Many businesses are not allowed to serve at full capacity, so there may already be more breathing room than usual.


There are many ways to encourage and enforce social distancing. To keep people spread out, you can set up cones or signs at alternating cash registers, barstools, or tables. You can also use tape to guide people through one-way aisles and checkout lines. Convenience stores and take-out restaurants often use windows or tarps to separate customers from employees during their transactions.


In a bar or pub, it helps to have a security guard to enforce your business’ dress code as well as social distancing rules. All it takes is someone who ignores the rules to sabotage your reopening.


If you want to stay open for business, help flatten the curve by protecting your customers from COVID-19. Pegasus offers deep cleaning solutions like hydrogen peroxide fogging, and we can help you reopen safely. 


Contact us to learn about our cleanroom cleaning and facility maintenance services like SuperiorClean and keep your customers safe.

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