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The Changing Workplace: What You Can Expect

Jan 18, 2022 3:40:10 PM / by The Pegasus Team


The most effective cultures create conditions where people and businesses can thrive.


According to Steelcase Research, most people want to come to a better office and don’t necessarily want to work from home exclusively. 32,000 participants were surveyed across 10 countries. 54% of US respondents say they expect to work from home one day a week or less; 26% say they expect to work from home just two to three days per week.


The workplace will need to do a better job to inspire people to get back to the office and help them work better in the future.

The Need for Safety

People need to feel safe. They prefer to work in a workplace that has good air quality and adheres to safety protocols around cleaning and disinfection.

Whether people are working from home or in the office, they need safety in terms of psychological well being as well. The pandemic has significantly impacted mental health due to prolonged exposure to chronic stress that causes fatigue, anxiety, fear, and depression. 


Being Part of a Community 

People want to come back to the office because they want to feel a sense of belonging. People are social and work often meets the need for a human connection. This is where people find inspiration and stimulation. 

The office provides a sense of community and where social connections are facilitated. This produces higher levels of productivity, engagement, retention and innovation. Work allows people to have a shared purpose and identity in pursuit of common goals. 

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Increased Performance 

In recent studies, people report that a return to the office would help them collaborate better and focus in a quiet professional environment. They would like to have access to tools and technology, and access to their professional network. 

Companies and leaders will need to rethink how they will support people’s productivity and performance. Unique needs of each employee will need to be considered to create the conditions for increased productivity at both the individual and team level. 


Greater Flexibility 

In April 2020, 63% of leaders expected increased flexibility in where and how people work. By September, 87% of leaders reported that they expected an increase in flexible work policies. 

The demand for great workplace flexibility is driving spaces to be more safe, personal, collaborative, and social. They want to control where, when, and how they work - all while having a sense of comfort that the workplace is designed to support their health and work. 

At Pegasus, we prioritize health and safety for all employees returning to the office. We can offer a diverse range of cleaning services, including Hybrid Workplace Cleaning, deep-cleanings, and decontaminations. To learn more about what we offer or what we can do for you, request a quote from us today.

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