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The Benefits of Industrial Cleaning

May 19, 2023 9:45:00 AM / by The Pegasus Team

If you’re managing an industrial facility and not taking your cleaning procedures seriously you could be leaving money on the table. But you might also be running a serious risk. Many facility managers and owners see hiring professional industrial cleaners as a waste of money, but it’s just the opposite. Just like having insurance for your facility and equipment, industrial cleaning is an investment that can both cover you for liabilities, but also open up new opportunities for your business. Here’s a primer on the benefits of industrial cleaning, from the obvious to the unexpected.

Safety and Compliance

Whether you're managing a factory, data center, cleanroom, or warehouse, you have a litany of governing bodies and regulators to answer to. Weak internal policies on cleaning could ultimately cost you millions of dollars and bring unwanted attention from agencies like OSHA or the EPA.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Getting proper cleaning shouldn’t be seen as a hassle or “necessary evil.” Industrial cleaning won’t just save you from expensive accidents, it could actually save you money in your month to month expenses. Some job sites need to meet daily requirements for cleanliness, air quality, or operating machinery. Failing to meet these could mean halting production or worse, equipment failures. These interruptions can be expensive and lead to missed quotas and downtime.


Partnerships and Contracts

Contracting with other companies or governments for production is a competitive business. When you’re putting together a bid for services, you can compete on more than just price. Advertising that your facility meets the highest standard of cleaning hits a checkbox for companies that value reliability and minimizing their risk. In some cases, meeting a certain standard of cleanliness might be a requirement.


Insurance and Warranty Claims

Dealing with insurance companies is hard enough. When claims are filed for industrial-scale accidents, insurance companies will allocate major resources to determine whether an accident was preventable. Manufacturers of industrial equipment will ask similar questions before they replace expensive devices. In cases of both worker safety and equipment failures, being able to provide documentation of regular industrial cleaning could be the difference between a processed claim and a dispute.


Outsourcing your facility management may be the answer

If your facility doesn’t have a team of cleaners, creating an entire department for one can become costly and take months or even years to source talent, purchase equipment, and develop training programs.

Pegasus is more than just a contractor. We’re your trusted partner, offering a wide range of industrial cleaning services for power plants, warehouses, data centers, cleanrooms, and more. We are committed to safety, compliance, efficiency, and asset protection, and we have the industry reputation to prove it. Don't wait any longer—contact Pegasus today to experience the transformative power of our facility management service.

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