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Don’t Rely on Your Own Supplies for Hybrid Workplace Cleaning

Feb 4, 2022 10:15:00 AM / by The Pegasus Team


Do you manage a hybrid workplace with many employees and coworkers? If so, how are you making sure that your workplace is clean enough to prevent the spread of viruses and germs?

Many office managers prefer using their own supplies to clean all the desks, chairs, and floors. However, they don’t understand that their staff and products are not always good enough to provide top-quality cleaning. Besides, your staff may fail to deliver commercial or corporate cleaning results without training. 

To avoid that, you need to stop relying on your own supplies for hybrid workplace cleaning. Instead, you should get cleaning services on board to do this job professionally for you. 

Hybrid Workplace Cleaning

Cleaning a hybrid workplace can get quite challenging. However, you can’t ignore this aspect since, without regular cleaning, the chances of infections increase. And we’re sure you don’t want your employees to get sick. 

Performing this task on your own can be quite daunting and time-consuming. Cleaning is more than just wiping the dust from keyboards or work tables. 

Here are some hybrid workplace cleaning methods that are pretty necessary:

Preventative Disinfection

This method revolves around the idea of using top-quality products containing detergents or soap to reduce the number of germs present on a surface. This disinfection process requires you to perform cleaning daily and prevent any contamination. 

Preventive disinfection also involves creating strategies for working environments that demand significant attention and have a high risk of getting contaminated. These environments include data centers, compounding pharmacies, and cleanrooms.

Enhanced Disinfection

Unfortunately, once a contaminant enters a workplace, it is hard to stop it from spreading with basic cleaning standards. In that case, you require enhanced disinfection to keep the environment clean for your employees. 

Hydrogen peroxide cleaning is an advanced cleaning method that utilizes hydrogen peroxide (H202) fogging to keep your workplace clean. 

This method releases hydrogen peroxide to fight against different contaminants. Unlike manual cleaning, the fogging procedure works on molecular levels and efficiently eliminates all microbes. 

What’s more, hydrogen peroxide cleaning ensures that every corner of your workplace gets decontaminated. This enhanced disinfection is hard to achieve through manual methods, so thankfully, the fogging process works as a great alternative. 

Standard Cleaning and Products

Regardless of the cleaning procedure, some products such as disinfectants, sterilizers, brooms, coveralls, mops, and Personal Protective Equipment are necessary to ensure successful cleaning.

Additionally, the quality of these essentials holds excellent value, as cheap products may make no difference to your floors, handles, doors, or workstations.

Considering the essential cleaning methods above, do you think you can clean your hybrid workplace using your own supplies? If not, you need to look for cleaning services to meet your requirements. 

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Why Should You Hire a Cleaning Service Company?

You might think that your cleaning supplies are top-notch, but they may still not be as good as what commercial and corporate cleaning services offer. 

Here are some other benefits of choosing a cleaning service over doing it yourself:

Better Cleaning

We have already discussed the different methods essential to ace cleaning in a workplace. They may sound easy to achieve, but staff can’t accomplish these procedures without training and the right tools. 

In that case, both corporate and commercial cleaning services work as saviors. With their experience, they offer better cleaning and provide other services such as maintenance, janitorial, and day porter services to ensure your place stays safe at all times. 

Moreover, their well-equipped supplies help them to conduct all cleaning methods properly. 

Takes Less Time

A company designed solely to provide cleaning services will take less time to get your office in top-notch condition. Moreover, it ensures that it has a fully committed staff that performs its job without any distractions. 

Additionally, these services have state-of-the-art equipment that makes more work in less time possible. 

Demands Less Cost

For both enhanced and precautionary disinfection, the cost of cleaning products and staff cleaning training can quickly increase the monthly expense of your business. However, by hiring a cleaning service, you can request a cleaning strategy according to your budget and ensure that every procedure offers excellent results. 

Meets Your Cleaning Schedule

A missing staff member or a cleaning supply can affect your cleaning schedule and may also postpone a session for some time. 

However, a cleaning service makes sure that your workplace receives its services on the time and day mentioned. 

Final Takeaway

The key takeaway is that a professional cleaning service can easily change the way you clean your office right now. Services such as those provided by Pegasus utilize innovation to improve the quality of Hybrid Workplace Cleaning and the lives of people working in your workplace.

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