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Why Bother with Data Center Cleaning?

Sep 2, 2020 10:57:54 AM / by The Pegasus Team

The world depends on the reliability of networks and data centers to keep us connected. This was true even before the coronavirus pandemic led to a significant shift to home-based work arrangements in early 2020. Unplanned downtime is an even more urgent concern now that millions of workers connect to the office from home every workday.

One way to keep a data center up and running is to perform routine data center cleaning. 

What Is Data Center Cleaning?

Data center cleaning refers to the process of keeping data center equipment free of contaminants that can contribute to downtime. These procedures eliminate dirt and the build-up of dust within the physical data center space. Data center cleaning also targets hardware, including specialized networking equipment.

Data center cleaning aims to increase uptime, ensure system reliability, and extend the lifespan of data center equipment. 

It’s not enough to run a vacuum cleaner over the carpet once a week or to wipe down the exterior of machines. Deep thorough cleaning is necessary to provide as much protection as possible. 

Why Is Data Center Cleaning Important?

Companies should commit resources to maintaining a regular data center cleaning schedule for several reasons. 

Data Center Cleaning Enhances Air Flow

One of the most critical and often overlooked spaces in a data center is the plenum space beneath the floor that continually pumps cool air upward. When the plenum space becomes coated with dirt and dust over time, you run the risk of clogged circuits and increased fire hazards. Your entire data center could be in peril at this point. 

Many pieces of data center equipment need to be kept cool at all times, as well. A clogged plenum space reduces the rate at which cool air can reach these machines. 

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Data Center Cleaning Extends Equipment Lifespan

Your investment in professional data center cleaning is a fraction of the cost of replacing expensive equipment that becomes dysfunctional because of dust and debris build-up. 

Machines that are not cleaned regularly are more likely to break down and require repair or even replacement. Data center cleaning is a preventative maintenance task that can save your company thousands of dollars. 

Data Center Cleaning Can Help You Avoid Costly Media Errors

As most network engineers will tell you, dust is the number one culprit for causing media errors. They’d likely mention, too, that media errors can become extremely expensive to overcome, and in some cases, they can even damage a company’s reputation. This is especially true if you store data for third-party clients. 

Data Center Cleaning focuses on reducing dust build-up throughout the space, so media errors are far less likely to occur. 

Professional Data Center Cleaning Helps You Clean Out-of-the-Way Areas

Even if you dedicate more time and company resources to data center cleaning, you won’t be able to do the work as thoroughly as a professional data center cleaning company. 

Professional data center cleaners use purpose-built tools and industry-regulated products to perform the specialized cleaning required to keep every piece of equipment and entire data center areas free from dust and debris. This includes spaces that are difficult to reach, like underneath delicate equipment, and spaces crowded with cords that cannot be unplugged for cleaning. 

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