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What You Should Know for Cold Room Cleaning

Dec 5, 2022 10:30:00 AM / by The Pegasus Team

Proper Cleanroom Cleaning is critically important, and it should come as no surprise that cleanrooms come in many shapes and forms. For example, you may have heard about a cold room. This is a place where you can store various foods and drinks. If something needs to be kept at a certain temperature, then a cold room can be helpful. Just like with cleanrooms, you need to make sure that you adhere to all ISO standards to make sure your cold room is safe. What do you need to know about cold room cleaning, and how can you make sure you follow the necessary ISO classification standards?

How Does Cold Room Cleaning Relate To Cleanroom Cleaning?

Cleanroom cleaning classification is closely related to cold room cleaning. Just like cold rooms, cleanrooms can also get dirty from time to time, and proper cleaning is critical. First, it is important to take a closer look at what goes into a cold room. Typically, there are refrigerated panels made of a polyester coating, PET coating, or even Plastisol coating. All of these chemical classifications are different, and they have various suggested uses.

Just like cleaning a cleanroom, you must make sure you use the right cleaning products and solutions to ensure you meet all the necessary standards without damaging the cold room panels themselves. Therefore, there are a few important tips to follow. 

Your Daily Tasks

Just like a cleanroom, you need to sweep and mop your cold room every day. This is important for getting rid of dirt or dust, which could otherwise contaminate the foods and beverages you have in the cold room.

You should also take a look at the temperature to make sure it is set appropriately. If the temperature starts to drift out of range, the food and drinks you have in the cold room could start to spoil.

Do not forget to take a look at the evaporator and compressor every day. You need to make sure there is no ice building up on the evaporator, and you should make sure there is no oil building up in the compressor.

Finally, you should check the freon level as well. This is important for making sure your cold room can stay at the right temperature. If you notice any issues with any of these appliances, you need to address them as quickly as possible.

Your Weekly Tasks

Just like there are a lot of cleanroom classification factors, there are plenty of cold room classification factors as well. You need to make sure that you keep contaminants out of the room if you want to adhere to those factors, and that is why you should check the hinges, handles, and seals at least once per week. If there are any cracks, damage, or even routine signs of general wear and tear, you need to handle them as quickly as possible.

You should also inspect the power outlets, switches, and controls for any signs of issues. You must make sure the power flow to the room is reliable if you want all of the filtration systems to work appropriately.

You should thoroughly sanitize the light fittings, ceilings, and walls at least once per week. Make sure you are using cleaning products that have been designed specifically for cold rooms. You also need to make sure that you vacuum around fittings, controls, valves, and external motors. Dust tends to build up in these locations, and you do not want particular contaminants to lead to issues. Do not forget that you could sanitize and clean your racks and shelves thoroughly as well. 

Your Monthly Tasks

Part of taking care of a cold room involves preventative maintenance. That is why you should make sure that you calibrate the temperature appropriately at least once per month. You must make sure the temperature is correct, and you should ensure the thermostat is working properly.

You should also get inside the evaporator and clean the fins, blowing fans, and casing thoroughly. You do not want your evaporator to be responsible for distributing particulate matter throughout the cold room. Do not forget to conduct a complete system function test. You should make sure that the defrosting system, reverse blower, and control valves are working appropriately. If you identify any issues, make sure that you address them as quickly as possible.

You Should Always Rely on a Professional Who Can Help You

Even though you can probably handle all of these issues on your own, it is always better to rely on a professional who can handle them for you. You deserve to spend your time in other areas, and a professional team has the experience, cleaning products, and equipment necessary to help you clean your cleanroom appropriately. That way, you can maximize your airflow, increase your coolant capacity, prevent mold from growing in your cold room, keep contaminants away from your food and beverages, reduce the risk of your food spoiling, and increase the shelf life of your products. 

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