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Surface Disinfection: Best Practices for a Safe Return to Work

May 14, 2021 9:40:00 AM / by The Pegasus Team

This past year has been challenging for families and businesses in light of COVID-19, with many people losing their jobs or being forced to work from home. As businesses start to reopen and employees plan to return to the office, companies need to develop a plan to keep people healthy.

A healthy work environment begins with a plan to keep the space clean. With COVID-19 still posing a problem, proper surface disinfection is essential. Keep reading to learn more about stepping up your office disinfection program and hitting the ground running as your employees return to work.

What is Surface Disinfection?

Surface disinfection is the application of chemicals to kill germs and bacteria on a surface. Using proper cleaning protocols as part of office reopening is essential to encourage a safe return to work.

Why is Surface Disinfection Important for Businesses Returning to the Office?

After working from home for an extended period, people are anxious to start working with their peers in person again. What if they catch COVID-19 from a contaminated surface? 

COVID-19 is carried by airborne water droplets -- think of a cough, sneeze, or even an exhale -- and remains active on a surface for some time. If an individual touches the contaminated surface and subsequently touches their eyes, nose, or mouth, they can become infected with the virus. 

The best way to prevent this viral transmission is to practice handwashing and regularly disinfect surfaces. Here are some tips to help create an office disinfection plan for your business.

Best Practices for Disinfecting Surfaces

  1. Determine which surfaces are high-touch - In most office spaces, doorknobs, desks, computers, and phones are listed among the high-touch surfaces.
  2. Decide how often the high-touch surfaces should be cleaned - According to the CDC, COVID-19 may live for a few hours or days on a surface. You may opt to disinfect more than once a day; however, once a day is likely effective in most situations. If someone tests positive for COVID in your workplace, you may need to thoroughly clean any area the individual spent time in multiple times.
  3. Understand which disinfectant you will need and how to use it - Disinfecting wipes are helpful for cleaning phones. For EPA-certified disinfectants, you will need to determine if gloves or protective eyewear are necessary and ensure the people responsible for using these chemicals have read the directions and hazard labels. 
  4. Hire a company that specializes in COVID cleaning services - In the recovery following a pandemic, it may help you rest easier knowing a professional service that specializes in office disinfection can come in and make your workspace safe. SuperiorCleanTM from Pegasus is a service certified in keeping your employees and customers safe with the latest cleaning technology.

As your businesses start transitioning back to working in an office, it is important to do everything possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Keeping surfaces clean and disinfected will help build confidence amongst your employees that working alongside co-workers is once again safe. Need help? Get an instant quote from Pegasus today! 

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