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Essential Tips for a Return to Work Plan

Aug 3, 2021 7:15:00 AM / by The Pegasus Team

The pandemic does not seem to end as fast as we all anticipated. Therefore, businesses should find a reliable formula to continue their activities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Managers and employers continue to face challenges transitioning into the current state. Some of these challenges include changing work schedules, company policies, and maintaining a clean workstation. 

Return to work plan

However, the transition does not have to be as hectic. Proper planning and implementation of a reliable return-to-work plan could promote the safety of employees, employers, and clients. Below, you can find the five most effective tips for a return-to-work formula.

Choose a Planning Team

The first step is to create a balanced plan by selecting a team that helps with the process. The group can include departmental heads, branch managers, and professional consultants to advise on the proper measures.

When you have consultants on board, they will consider all employees' needs and rights. The move also ensures that the company does not suffer any losses while transitioning.

Departmental heads ensure proper planning of schedules, depending on employee availability. A correct schedule ensures employees of the same department don't crowd the workstation at once. 

Also, if the business has multiple outlets, you must involve the heads for easy coordination. The various branches can open on different dates depending on how the pandemic affects the areas.

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‌Implementation of Reliable Facilities

CDC requires incorporating some of these return-to-work facilities to help fight the spread of the virus.

  • Setting up handwashing stations and sanitizers within the office premises is one of the measures to consider in controlling the virus. Working with a reliable and professional cleaning company would also boost hygiene at the workplace.
  • Proper spacing of employees, keeping a safe distance of six feet between each staff, is also critical. If the number of employees cannot fit in one room, the management can use other rooms like conference rooms.
  • Closing facilities like the cafeteria could also help minimize close interactions within the workstation and control the spread of the virus.

 These facility management tips aim to limit the spread of the virus within the business.

‌Communicate the Plan to Employees

After you have a solid plan for handling the employees' return to work, you need to communicate the plan with every employee. Communication can be through bulk messages if you are a big company, a virtual meeting, or email.

Access to the reports avoids confusion at the workplace, which could disrupt the company's functioning. Managers can also educate their employees on how to exercise caution in the workplace. Employees also get notified of measures in place to help fight the pandemic.

Communication of all the measures in place builds employees' confidence before returning to work. This strategy shows that the company values its services and clients.

‌Embrace Hybrid Work

In some cases, having all employees report to work may be impossible due to the vast number. So, depending on the complexity of tasks, employees that do not require daily reporting to the physical office can work remotely. 

Also, if there are many employees in one department, they can report on different days. However, for that to happen, the company must facilitate the needs of employees to enable them to work efficiently in remote places. For instance, some Google employees report to work three days a week, while others report two days a week. 

‌Amend Return to Work Policies

Now that there are changes in the workplace, management can adjust some policies to favor the current situation. Some of these changes include:

  • Attendance policy. The company should adjust this policy to allow employees to work from home when infected but in a stable condition to work.
  • Travel policy. Management should adjust this policy to stipulate essential and non-essential travel for the safety of all its employees and clients.
  • Paid leave policy. This policy should clearly show the eligibility of different employees for the benefits offered with the current situation in mind.
  • Telecommunication policy. The policy should clearly stipulate which work is acceptable remotely and which needs physical office representation.

Correcting the previous policies ensures a smooth working relationship between the company and employee should a case arise. 

Way Forward to Return to Work

The world has no choice but to adjust accordingly. The new normal involves a few necessary changes, but all for the world's economic benefit. Therefore,  all businesses that want to survive should embrace change. Implementing the above essentials will prepare your business to fight this pandemic and strengthen the business for the future.

Pegasus Building Services is a trustworthy company offering quality cleaning services suitable for your return to work plan. We can inspect, decontaminate, and disinfect your building. Contact us today if your business needs our services.

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