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Return to Work After COVID-19

May 20, 2021 10:17:00 AM / by The Pegasus Team

As lockdowns are lifted and reopening begins across the country, building owners, property managers, and employers face the same concerns: how to ensure their facilities are safe for their occupants and clients. Buildings have been closed for months, with only routine janitorial service and monitoring. Even after offices are aired and freshened, you and your team will need more than standard cleaning to keep everything safe and disinfected.

Pegasus has developed SuperiorClean™, an infection mitigation and control system which we will use to help businesses open safely and operate in accordance with CDC guidelines. Building owners and property managers don’t have to do it alone.

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Step One: Inspection

Before reopening, our team will perform a facility walkthrough with the owner or property manager. Our trained team can spot issues and help owners and managers devise their opening plan so that nothing gets missed. A thorough inspection will:

  • Identify reopening goals and potential issues. Monitoring for compliance and disinfection control on a daily or weekly basis should be part of the plan.

  • Highlight areas for new cleaning methods. The electrostatic fogging method Pegasus uses is suitable for large spaces, and high-traffic areas will be marked for enhanced disinfection.

  • Develop a reopening plan in accordance with guidelines. This checklist will be used to make the opening action plan to return to work and bring the facility back online.

Step Two: Action Plan

Before the COVID-19 emergency, janitorial services primarily focused on surface cleaning with multipurpose disinfectants like Lysol. Because of concerns over the transmissibility of coronavirus, this is no longer adequate. Antibacterial disinfectants are not effective against viral pathogens. Our SuperiorClean™ team uses CDC-approved antiviral disinfectants for surface cleaning.

Pegasus uses Hydrogen Peroxide Spray Fogging to safely and quickly eliminate pathogens, including the one responsible for COVID-19, over large areas. Electrostatic fogging allows large-scale decontamination of buildings without the need for continual wipe-downs of difficult-to-reach surfaces. This method is industry standard for large spaces nationwide.

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Step Three: Enhanced Disinfection

“50% of people reported that they would feel more comfortable returning back to work if they saw an increase in cleaning protocols.” (Gensler) 

At the same time, reminding employees, customers, and clients about the prevalence of COVID day in and day out by constantly cleaning and wiping every available surface is needlessly worrying. Our Enhanced Disinfection approach concentrates on high-risk areas such as door handles, elevator buttons, and other frequently used locations. Based on the initial inspection, our SuperiorClean™ experts will identify the specific areas in your facility and focus efforts on those areas.

Pegasus and our SuperiorClean™ team will help you and your building staff reopen safely and set your tenants and their employees’ minds at ease. As the COVID-19 emergency eases, opening your building should be just as easy.

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