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Reduce the Amount of Cleaning Service Providers You Need

Mar 11, 2022 10:15:00 AM / by The Pegasus Team

If you currently use more than one cleaning service provider, you could be creating an additional headache and incur higher costs than necessary. One service provider can tremendously simplify your life over using multiple service providers. If you’re using various cleaning service providers, read on, and you’ll be moving to a single provider by the end of this article.

There are four main advantages to a single service provider: relationship, expertise, integration, and convenience. Here’s what those mean to you.


Relationship means a single contact source or account manager intimately familiar with your business and its needs. We all know that solid relationships improve every business transaction through greater trust, heightened respect, and genuine sincerity. Knowing that your company deals with one representative that has you covered in all aspects of your cleaning needs and that you have a strong working relationship can truly simplify life.

A single-source provider better understands a client’s needs, makes more pertinent recommendations, and can anticipate future needs. Strong service partnerships result in service providers being familiar enough with their client’s desires that they are empowered to make the suitable judgment call without the need for an interruption in certain situations.

The single most significant factor in creating happiness in life is the quality of our relationships and business relationships are no different.


A cleaning services provider that handles the full extent of a company’s needs develops far greater expertise in fulfilling those needs or knowing when to bring in specific experts from their company when unique situations come about. They are experts in the subject of you.

Comprehensive commercial cleaning services have a broader knowledge of techniques and new products. They often employ subject matter experts for different services to ensure correct performance. A cleaning service has seen plenty of past clients and brings that knowledge to the work they do for you.


End-to-end solutions aren’t just software products. A cleaning service provider that offers comprehensive solutions is an end-to-end solution for your cleaning and related maintenance.

Excellent full-service professional cleaning services in 2022 offer services that include:

  • Full janitorial services-Includes:
    • Nightly janitorial service
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Window washing
    • Parking lot sweeping
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Cubicle panel cleaning
    • Recycling
    • Kitchen detail
    • Glass wash
    • Day porter service
    • Hard surface floor care
  • Facility maintenance and engineering-Includes:
    • Contract negotiation
    • Outsourced services
    • Sull audits
    • Staffing of building engineer/facility manager.
  • Datacenter cleaning-Includes:
    • General Cleaning
    • Subfloor and equipment surface cleaning
    • Subfloor sealing and encapsulation
    • Environmental sampling and reporting
    • Disaster recovery cleaning
    • Anti-static floor care and monitoring
  • Cleanroom cleaning-Includes:
    • Level I, II, and III cleaning
    • Aseptic cleaning
    • High-tech cleaning
    • Parts cleaning
    • Super-cleans and shutdown cleans
    • ESD floor care and testing
    • Protocol and SOP development
    • H202 decontamination
    • Environmental monitoring
  • Hydrogen peroxide fogging is the most efficient and effective way to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microbes.

Having such broad experience creates full integration of services for any commercial entity, whether office space, tech, or warehousing. Most importantly, that integration results in an expert provider that knows how everything fits together and how one action may impact another.

Few things have a greater likelihood of disaster than putting two contractors of the same industry in close proximity, and one of them doesn’t quite understand what the other does. There are no crossed wires with a single provider, and no one is pointing a finger and blaming it on the other guy. One provider that knows the challenges and needs across an entire complex and how to serve them all means a solution where all the parts result in a unified whole.


The ultimate result of reducing the amount of cleaning service providers you use is convenience for you and the whole company. A single contact point with which you have a high-quality business relationship makes communication easy. A strong relationship means your representative understands and anticipates your needs means less thought and greater peace of mind.

Knowing an entire complex is expertly cared for without the need for multiple service providers that can potentially cross wires brings tremendous peace of mind with it. End-to-end commercial cleaning service providers ensure that every aspect is expertly performed. The business relationship facilitates excellent communication and better anticipation/knowledge of your needs.

When one company can provide a holistic solution, outcomes are always better than a piecemeal approach. Cleaning is an essential function for your company, and it can be very pleasurable, or it can be disruptive. Your company benefits when a team of pros pulls everything together to create an enjoyable experience that lets you be hands-off while knowing the outcomes will be great.

Pegasus is an industry-leading full-service provider of commercial cleaning and facilities services. Contact us today, and let’s create a vision of the ease of a single service provider.



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