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How to Incorporate Proper Cleaning into a Cleanroom Routine

Jul 15, 2022 8:39:00 AM / by The Pegasus Team

Suppose an organization wants to protect the quality of their products and services while meeting the needs of their customers and clients. In that case, the organization must develop a proper cleanroom cleaning routine. The cleanroom routine is crucial because it can help organizations maximize their cleanroom classification. ISO classification is essential because it dictates just how clean a cleanroom is. If an organization wants to keep their cleanroom cleaning classification as high as possible, they need to develop a solid cleanroom cleaning routine. 

Why Cleanroom Cleaning Is Important

There are several reasons why it is vital to keep a cleanroom clean. They include:

  • There might be specific regulatory standards in an industry that an organization needs to meet. If a cleanroom is not taken care of properly, an organization risks violating some of these cleaning standards, which could lead to fines and sanctions.
  • Not taking care of a cleanroom could also lead to a delay in products and services. This is going to have a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line while also leading to unsatisfied customers and clients.
  • Cleanrooms should be kept clean because it protects employees. The chances of employees getting sick would be reduced, as would the possibility of them transferring illness to others. 

For these reasons, organizations should pay attention to cleanrooms and make sure that the cleanrooms are kept clean.

How To Keep A Cleanroom Clean With the Right Routine

Exact cleaning methods will depend on the size of the cleanroom, the experience of employees, the equipment an organization has, and the industry in which the organization operates. Some of the most critical steps that should be kept in mind include:

  • Start by using a mop to wipe down all the floor. Make sure the appropriate cleaning solution is used.
  • Do not wait for the solution to dry. Instead, use a vacuum to try the floor as quickly as possible.
  • Make sure the floors and walls are vacuumed using a HEPA filter vacuum. This will help remove as many viruses and bacteria as possible, adhering to all ISO standards.
  • Ideally, this process should be completed both before and after each shift. Ensure all employees wear the proper personal protective equipment as they complete these tasks.
  • An organization may also want to use a UV radiation cleaning device to kill any pathogenic particles that may have escaped the initial cleaning process.

If an organization has questions about properly keeping a cleanroom clean, they should reach out to a professional who can assist them.

When To Partner With a Professional Cleanroom Cleaning Service

Several signs could indicate that it is time for an organization to partner with a professional cleanroom cleaning service. This include:

  • If they are having difficulty keeping their cleanroom as clean as they would like, an organization should reach out to a professional service.
  • If they find that they cannot spend the necessary time cleaning their cleanroom, it is time to reach out to the right service.
  • If they are having difficulty justifying the purchase of the right cleaning equipment for the organization, they should hire a professional service that already has this equipment.
  • If regulatory authorities have cited them because their facilities are not clean enough, they should hire a professional service to help them rectify this issue.

Numerous companies of all sizes across all industries have worked with a professional cleanroom cleaning service and have seen these benefits firsthand.

What Are the Benefits of Partnering With a Professional Service?

Partnering with a professional service that specializes in cleaning cleanrooms has several significant benefits. They include:

  • They already have the necessary cleaning equipment and solutions to help an organization keep their cleanroom as clean as possible.
  • A professional company can help an organization save money by reducing the frequency with which employees get sick, keeping them on the line.
  • They will ensure they do not miss the nooks and crannies that someone without the proper training and experience might have overlooked.
  • A professional cleaning company understands cleanroom classification factors, and they can help an organization make sure that their cleanroom is classified accordingly.
  • An organization can make a positive impression on their customers and clients by showing that they have invested in professional cleaning services for cleanrooms.

If an organization wants to maximize their cleanroom routine, they should work with a professional company. 

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