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Cleaning a Hybrid Workplace Can Be More Challenging Than Cleaning a Traditional Workplace

Jul 22, 2022 8:42:00 AM / by The Pegasus Team

Today, there are a lot of companies that use a hybrid workplace. This means that a lot of people are coming in and out, different people might be in the office on different days, and the amount of space between employees or staff members can vary daily. The past few years have shown us that hygiene services are critical, and facility cleaning plans must be comprehensive. Otherwise, businesses risk people getting sick at work, which can derail their daily operations. That is why companies should take advantage of professional commercial cleaning services to help businesses keep their hybrid workplaces clean. What are some of the biggest reasons why keeping a hybrid workplace clean can be challenging?

1. People Constantly Come In and Out

One of the biggest challenges of keeping a hybrid workspace clean is that people constantly come in and out. Even though some people might be in the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., this is not the case with everyone. There are plenty of workspaces where people might only come in during the morning, and then there are other situations where people might only come in in the afternoon.

Furthermore, there are some situations where customers and clients might also enter the workplace from time to time. Because so many people are coming in, any one of these individuals can bring a viral or bacterial infection. It can be challenging to sterilize a hybrid workspace between people coming in and out, which is a significant challenge that businesses must address. 

2. Many People Use Their Own Equipment

Hybrid workplace cleaning can also be a significant challenge because many people use their own equipment. Many companies have found that it is beneficial if their employees use their own equipment, particularly for people who work at home from time to time. Companies can save money because they no longer need to provide equipment for their employees.

On the other hand, this creates a significant challenge. When companies are not in possession of the equipment, they are not in control of cleaning it. The equipment might not be as clean as it should, making it easier for infections to spread throughout the workplace. Working with a professional janitorial service can address this issue. 

3. Other Companies Might Be Present

In addition, many hybrid workspaces have multiple companies working in the same place. Because a lot of businesses have employees who work from home, they do not necessarily need to rent out an entire office building, and they do not necessarily need to rent out an entire floor. Instead, they can split the area with another business, allowing them to save money.

The downside of this is that one company has no control over the cleaning practices of another company. Even if one company does everything it can to keep this workplace clean, a dirty workplace next door can negatively affect the cleanliness of the areas around it. This is another area where outsourcing cleaning services can be helpful, but it is one of the biggest challenges of hybrid workplace cleaning. 

4. Different People Are In the Office on Different Days

Finally, a significant challenge of hybrid workspace cleaning is that different people are in the office on different days. This can make it challenging for businesses to educate all of their employees on the importance of keeping their areas clean. For example, the company can have one training session if everyone comes to the office. Then, they can reinforce the importance of having a clean workplace to those who might need a bit of extra guidance. Over time, everyone will understand the importance of cleaning the entire workplace.

In a hybrid workplace, different people might be in the office on different days. It can be challenging for companies to get everyone to follow the same cleaning practices. It can be particularly challenging for people who only come to the office weekly or monthly. They simply do not hear the information often enough to develop a routine they can use to keep the workplace clean. This is another reason why outsourcing facility cleaning services is so important. 

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These are just a few of the biggest challenges businesses face regarding Hybrid Workplace Cleaning. Any company looking for help keeping their workplaces clean should rely on Pegasus. Get an instant quote for SuperiorClean from Pegasus today. 

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