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4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Building Cleaning Service

Aug 11, 2020 3:54:49 PM / by The Pegasus Team

As an office or building manager, you know that the cleanliness of your space is a direct reflection of your business. Therefore, choosing a janitorial service is no small task. When you're looking for a commercial building cleaning service, you want to be sure you've made a reliable choice that will keep your office squeaky clean and hygienic with professionalism and reliability.

Let's take a look at four essential questions to consider when looking for a new cleaning service.


1. Are They Professional?

You first need to know if the service has all the appropriate licenses and is insured correctly. They need to:

They should also be able to show you proof of insurance and their business license. To protect yourself and the cleaning service, ensure they have liability and injury insurance on all of their employees in case an accident happens while they're cleaning your office.

Also, check to see if they have positive reviews from satisfied customers. They should be able to provide good references from other companies in the local business community. 


2. What Services Do They Offer?

Many commercial building cleaning services provide holistic cleaning services, while others specialize in one area. Before hiring a cleaning company, you should know whether they will offer the cleaning services you need. Cleaning companies may offer a mix of the following:

Also, make sure you ask whether they will work around your schedule. Many of the best cleaning services have flexible hours and can accommodate a late meeting in the office, for instance.


3. Do They Have Quality Training?

The commercial building cleaning service should have reliable, professional employees that are trained well. It's important to ensure that the crew they send to clean your office knows how to do their jobs properly and behave professionally at all times. Ask questions like the following:

  • How often do your employees receive training?
  • Who does the training?
  • Do you have a cleaning checklist that your employees follow?
  • Do your employees have Safety Data Sheets for the chemical substances they handle?
  • Does your company have a dress code for your employees?


4. Are They Transparent?

Finally, consider how the cleaning service will interact with you. Check with their previous customers to see how well they handle feedback and how clearly they communicate their procedures. Don't be afraid to ask them questions like:

  • What is your hiring and vetting process?
  • How do you measure your success on the job site?
  • Do you have a formal complaint procedure? 
  • How will we provide feedback, and what will you do with it? 
  • Can you provide us with tracking tools? 


Keeping a clean office is essential for the health and safety of your staff, not to mention for preserving your office's professionalism and reputation. It's necessary, then, to make sure you're asking the right questions to find a professional and reliable commercial building cleaning service. Get your janitorial services instant quote today! 

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