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Building Successful Employee Training Programs

Nov 30, 2020 12:17:28 PM / by The Pegasus Team


Making a difference by focusing on people. 

An employee training and development program is the continued effort to boost the performance of employees. Investing in employee training and development programs helps not only with motivation but it enables organizations to create a highly skilled workforce.

Dianne Moore is the Director of Training and Development at Pegasus and has 26+ years of experience in training and development. She currently focuses on business training and development needs primarily for managerial roles as well as the coordination of training and development programs for frontline workers.

It’s no secret that employee training and development programs are on the rise but developing talent is no easy task. Training and development programs must also demonstrate business value and a measurable return on investment.


What are some of the trends you have observed over the years in how Training & Development Programs have affected companies and their employees?

Recently with Covid, I have seen a rise in training through zoom and online videos, but training comes in all forms. Whether you present formal workshops or courses to employees or offer hands-on daily training opportunities, you can increase the skill and work product level of your employees by implementing ongoing training efforts.


How does Training & Development affect a company’s culture in the long-run? How has it affected Pegasus in the years you have been there?

When you invest time and money in training your employees, employees feel worthy. Employees often feel more loyal to your business. When employees feel greater loyalty, they are more willing to work harder and longer in order to make the business a success. In this past year with implementation of a new development program with management I have seen an increase in engagement of leadership skills.


In what areas have you seen the most success with Training & Development Programs?

With empowerment comes the willingness to do whatever they have to do to get the job done. Trained employees tend to benefit both their own careers and the company they work for.



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